One-to-One Training Sessions

Nick runs one-to-one sessions where you can get dedicated time to help you with your GIS analysis or mapping problems. This can really get you started on tackling the GIS element of your project, or help you through the sticky analysis stages.

You can come to us in Cornwall, we can meet you in London or Liverpool, or we can come to your home or office.

Packages start at 4 hours, and can be split into two chunks if this is helpful for your project. Please call 01209 808910 or email to have a chat about how we can best help you.

“I attended the Introduction to using R for Spatial Analysis course, to gain preliminary insight into R programming and its application in geospatial data visualisation and analysis.

Nick was warm, and quick to get the course started. Once seated and introduced, we were each given a well-designed delivery plan, work booklet and guidance sheet. Together with the accompanying PowerPoint presentation, Nick led reassuringly through the entire course. I was highly impressed by the systematic, hands-on use of the course booklet. Like others on the course, Nick had my full attention!

I felt accomplished at the end of the course as I progressed from being able to read in .csv files, plot maps and customise various plot parameters, join various data types and reproject spatial data. The course was worth every effort, and I have no reservation whatsoever recommending it to anyone with interest in geospatial data analysis using R.”

Esuene Samson (formerly, Institute of Geophysics & Tectonics, University of Leeds, Leeds), Using R for Spatial Analysis, London