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FOSS4G: Travelling by Train to Florence, Italy (from Weymouth, UK)

I recently attended my first international FOSS4G conference in Florence (Firenze), Italy, in August 2022. For those who don’t know, FOSS4G is Free and Open Source for (4) Geospatial, so all of the people involved in open source geospatial software (e.g. QGIS, R-Spatial, Geoserver, Mapserver, GRASS, etc. etc.) get together. It is a great opportunity… Read More »

To video, or not to video?

“That is the question.” (Apologies to anyone who has studied English Literature, at any level!) With nearly everyone participating in more and move video calls, “to share video or not to share video” is, indeed, the question. When participating in an online conference, should the audience members share their video? We have all attended loads… Read More »

ESRC Research Methods Festival 2018

During the amazingly sunny weather a few weeks ago, I managed to spend a couple of days indoors, hiding from the sun at the ESRC Research Methods Festival at the University of Bath. Every 2 years, the National Centre for Research Methods have organised this conference to showcase unique and new methods from across the… Read More »